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The Crafting of a Legacy: David Crockett Legacy Tour

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

*Note, these photos are from Google Maps and other sources like the park service*

Click on the drop down arrow to learn more about each location

David Crockett Birthplace State Park (Stop 1) You are here!

This park is located in Limestone, Tennessee, near the site where David Crockett was born. It includes a replica of his childhood cabin, a Native American village replica, a museum with interpretive exhibits about his early life, and a gift shop.

The newest additions to the park include a cement Nolichucky River put-in for fishing or other recreation. The park also has an amphitheater for events, live animals as a part of the homestead, and a shooting range to be used for reenactments.

Crockett Tavern Museum (Stop 2)

David Crockett State Park (Stop 3)

David Crockett Memorial Statue (Stop 4)

The Alamo (Final Stop, Stop 5)

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